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General: Knowledge management, including discovery, taxonomy, organization, storage, and retrieval

Application of IBM-Lotus knowledge systems, collaborative systems, and e-learning systems

General Qualifications

Extensive experience with leadership of information systems organizations and empowered teams

Knowledge of information organization, textual and non-textual database development, data analysis, information presentation, spread sheet design, Web design, groupware, and document management

Experience with project management, particularly human, software, hardware, and financial systems

Skill in engineering and installation of communications systems


MSIS and Ph.D. programs, University of Texas at Austin, in progress, concentrating on organization and retrieval of knowledge and information for business decision-making. GPA: 3.84/4.0

Diploma, Advanced Management Program, Information Resources Management College, National Defense University, 1991, information systems management

MBA, New York Institute of Technology, 1973, communications management (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

MAPA, University of Oklahoma, 1972, public agency management (GPA: 3.7/4.0)

BSEE, Northwestern University, 1963, communications and electronics engineering


Senior Management.

  • Chief Information Officer, Defense Oklahoma City Area Command - Participated in a senior executive team successfully managing four data processing centers serving over 200,000 customers across the US. Resources included over 700 employees, a budget of over $180 million (1998-1999)

  • Director, Defense Megacenter Warner-Robins - Successfully led a data center serving over 50,000 customers, managing resources including 300 specialists, $30 million budget, IBM, UNISYS, and Tandem mainframe computers, and associated physical plant (1995-1998)

Leadership and Teamwork

  • Led the data processing center workforce through a directed personnel reduction from 300 to 83 specialists in three years. Planning and execution with union leaders and personnel organizations resulted in no lay-offs; at the end of the reduction, all employees had retired or were working in other jobs (1992-1999)

  • Successfully reorganized the data processing organization into empowered, self-managing teams, eliminating two layers of management while increasing productivity (1992-1997)

  • Developed team-focused, online, information-sharing system using Lotus Notes (1993-1999)

  • Developed the Strategic Plan (Operational Concept) for the Oklahoma City command providing the first specific complete strategic guidance the organization had (1998-1999)

  • Developed policy for DOD and Air Force organizations at several levels (1964-1999)

  • Scored Baldrige quality data for an Air Force depot as an evaluation team member (1997)

  • Led a field technical team consisting of five engineers and technicians evaluating 30 mountain top radio relay sites in Europe (1968-1969); work included data gathering and analysis

  • Led teams of church volunteers to accomplish many church improvements (1999)

Project Management

  • As project manager for the organ overhaul contract for a 1,000 member Church, met all requirements and was within $56,000 budget (1999)

  • As Assistant Director of Engineering for Air Force communications systems in Europe, managed several installation projects on time and within budget (1974-1975)

  • As Program Manager for the worldwide Air Force communications technical evaluation program, successfully developed and defended an initial program of 75 engineers and technicians and $1 million (1970-1972)

Financial Management

  • Established a project expense tracking system, managed trustee accounts, set up endowment funds, and managed investments of over $100,000 as Chair of the Trustees and CEO of the Warner Robins, GA, 1000 member First United Methodist Church Corporation (1999)

  • Managed financial resources in the Air Force at many levels, as a budget officer of a small organization to a senior manager of a computer center with over $30 million (1964-1998)


  • Represented the US Air Force, participating in the design of an entity-relationship database structure modeling US Department of Defense communications circuits worldwide. The design consisted of 750 tables and 1400 data elements (1983-1988)

  • Helped develop the DOD World Wide Digital Systems Architecture (1980-1983)

  • Developed standard circuit configurations and engineered communications circuits and trunks for DOD in Europe (1978-1979)

  • Developed statements of work, engineering drawings, and lists of materials for Air Force communications systems and networks (1974-1975)

  • Gathered and performed statistical analysis of test data, and prepared technical reports of DOD radio, telephone, and data communications systems in Europe (1968-1969, 1975-1977)

Licenses and Certificates

FCC: General Radiotelephone Operator; Amateur radio, General Class, (K9LHY)

DOD: Certified Acquisition Professional, Communications-Computers at levels I, II, and III and Test and evaluation at levels I and II

Goldratt Institute:
Certified in Theory of Constraints at the Jonah level

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