Don Drumtra
School of Information
University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Don Drumtra
Photo by Unity Peterson, Daily Texan staff.
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MSIS Candidate (2009-Present)
  Research Interests
  • Organization of information and knowledge in archives, records, and databases to support business and public decision-making
  • Credibility of information from Web sources
  • Business and public information description using archival, records, and bibliographic standards.
  • Grounded theory research methodology
  • Life history and classification theories of S. R. Ranganathan, Super Librarian
  Ph.D. Student 2000-2006 Ph.D. Candidate (2006-2009)
Program of Study

Qualifying Examination
Latest Annual Review, 2005

Student and Community Leader (2000-Present)

Teaching Assistant (2000-2006)

  • Organization, retrieval, and cataloging information
  • Research methods
  • Informatics
Office: Home
  Phone: See home phone below

Office Hours:

By appointment at Prufrock's (at the PCL Library) or any other place you would like to meet. .
Home phone: 512-291-0315

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